A call for tolerance

We, the undersigned supporters of religious tolerance in the state of Idaho urge Sheryl L. “Sherry” Nuxoll, Idaho Senator from Cottonwood, to offer a formal apology for her reported statement: “Hindu is a false faith with false gods”.
Such intolerance and ignorance cannot be left unchallenged. Ms. Nuxoll might not know that Hinduism is the third largest religion of the world with about a billion adherents, some in Idaho. If she were to examine the faith with an open mind she would find a rich philosophical and theological tradition.
Although we, the undersigned belong to a variety of faiths, we still respect Hinduism as a major world religion and love our Hindu brothers and sisters as easily as we love those of our own faith.
Being a public official, it was highly inappropriate and insensitive for Ms. Nuxoll to call a major religion “false.” There are about three million Hindus in United States, including hundreds in Idaho.
To show responsibility, respect and understanding that her words were hurtful to the Hindu community, Ms. Nuxoll should apologize.

Rev. Kathleen Rose, (Buddhist Chaplain), Alejandro Anastasio, Paul Lingard,  Dana Marsh, Terry Rudolph, Scott Woodbury, (Board of Buddhist Peace Fellowship),  Rev. Michele Tae, (Buddhist Chaplain), Dan Black, (Boise Institute of Buddhist Studies).

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