Closed due to flooding this weekend, but not for long….

As of Friday, Jan. 20, 2017, the space is closed due to water flooding in the old building, and apparently around the entire block. All scheduled BIBS events for this weekend are canceled.

We have some good news this morning. The flooding at the BIBS Center was quickly addressed. The property management company, Parklane Management, vacuumed and dried the space last night. This morning things are nearly dry and no bad smell! However, the carpet needs to be replaced, the cushions inspected and the space completely dried. So we will be back open in a matter of days, not weeks.  More details will be posted on this website.

About bibsadmin1

As the organization's title implies, BIBS is committed to learning, understanding and practicing the Buddhist path. In particular, the organization is non-sectarian and based on the presentation of traditional Mahayana principles. The Institute helps to preserve a spiritual tradition that has enriched human civilization for 2600 years.
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2 Responses to Closed due to flooding this weekend, but not for long….

  1. PAUL LINGARD says:

    Dan, so sorry to hear about the closure due to flooding. I sure Hope something comes together for Bibs to have a space again soon! It has been one epic winter! Best wishes. Metta, Metta, Paul Lingard ________________________________

  2. Beau Brown says:

    Dan, very sad to hear this news. Thank you for keeping us, we care a lot about BIBS.

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