Zendo Now Open Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Floating Cloud Sangha announces that the 7th St. Zendo, 917 7th St., is open for morning zazen beginning at 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.  We continue to meet for zazen Tuesday evening at 7:30 pm as well. The morning schedule is two 30-minute periods of zazen, with kinin, and a short service.

7:00 – 7:30 zazen
7:30 – 7:40 kinhin
7:40 – 8:10 zazen
8:10 – 8:20 service

The Tuesday evening schedule is similar beginning at 7:30 pm. Please use the stairs at the rear of the building near the alley.  The zendo is in apt. # 7. The zendo is located one block east of the Boise Coop on 7th St. south of Union St.  This block of 7th St. is a dead end.  Please do not park in this block of 7th St. and  be sensitive where you park in the neighborhood.

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