Lama Jhampa Shaneman Returns to Boise April 1-3

Treasure Valley Dharma Friends welcomes back Lama Jhampa, who will teach on the topic of Refuge in the Three Jewels. This topic speaks to what it means to be a Buddhist.

Lama Jhampa has taught in Boise regularly for more than 15 years, and taught on a wide variety of topics – from mindfulness and breathing meditation to formal meditation instruction techniques associated with Deity Yoga and other forms of Vajrayana. Jhampa studied closely under the tutors of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. Jhampa lived in Dharmsala, India, as a monk for 14 years.  He now lives in Mexico, where he leads regular retreats for Buddhists there. Jhampa used to tour and teach in many cities, but in recent years only he has chosen Boise to keep on his schedule.

Lama Jhampa has offered to give the vows in a formal ceremony on Sunday. He will say much more about that at the Friday and Saturday teachings.

More details are Here:Jhampa Flyer 4-2016 c1

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