Tulku Damcho Rinpoche – Sept. 25-27

Sept. 25-27, 2015Damcho cropped
ICAN Hall, 3450 W. Hill Rd, Boise
Four Thoughts: Core Buddhist Teachings that Overcome Spiritual Obstacles
(Chenrezig Empowerment/ Blessing)

Key details here: Damcho – fall 2015

Tulku Damcho Rinpche, is a retreat master and scholar at the Thrangu Monastery in Nepal, under the guidance of Thrangu Rinpoche. From an early age Tulku Damcho has shown tremendous intellect, compassion and quick progress with the Dharma. He has distinguished himself as a scholar, a gifted teacher and spiritual friend. For more info, contact, or call Dan at 371-0614. Sponsored by Treasure Valley Dharma Friends and the Mahamudra Sitting Group.

More about Four Thoughts That Turn the Mind are at the BIBS Blog page.



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