Class curriculum

Class Curriculum

These course descriptions and topics are tentative and not all of them will be offered at one time, much less one year. The classes with a lower number are for beginners and those with higher numbers are for those with more experience, learning and practicing.

  • Buddhist View 025: Gentle intro for complete beginners. Learning about the mind, its habits, traps and exaggerations. 4 weeks.
  • Meditation 050: (Mindfulness) Gentle intro for complete beginners. Sitting in a chair or on the floor, we learn how to focus in a relaxed and natural manner.  Very short sessions are combined with helpful tips. 4 weeks
  • Buddhism View 055: History and Development of Buddhism. (3 weeks)
  • Buddhist View 100: The foundations. Buddhist perspective on awareness, psychology and ethics. This class introduces key aspects to the Buddhist lifestyle, emphasizing every person’s potential for serenity, charity and compassion.  12 weeks.
  • Buddhist View: 101: Refuge – What it means to become a Buddhist. Overview of the commitment, ceremony, and how to pursue a healthy student – teacher relationship. 4 weeks.
  • Buddhist View 102: Engaged Buddhism – An expansive look at integrating practice, politics and non-violence. 3 weeks.
  • Buddhist View 103: What did the Buddha Discover. 2 weeks
  • Buddhist Meditation 105, Mantra, Sounds for developing compassion and wisdom. 4 weeks
  • Buddhist View 125: An introduction to emptiness of self, labels, projections. 4 weeks
  • Buddhist View 126: Four Immeasurable Aspirations. Breaks down the division of self and others and develops love and compassion. 4 weeks
  • Buddhist View 127: Engaged Buddhism. 3 weeks. A member of the national Buddhist Peace Fellowship connects the dots between the Dharma, everyday actions and politics.
  • Buddhist View 128: Four Thoughts: General Preliminaries to Mahamudra. 4 weeks
  • Meditation 150: (Shamatha) Buddhist techniques to calm the mind, develop stability with the antidotes to overcome dullness and excitement. 10 weeks.
  • Meditation 151: (Metta) The practice of loving-kindness warms the heart and reveals our unending inter-connections with all beings.
  • Meditation 175: Looking Deeply at the five aggregates and storehouse consciousness.  For intermediate practitioners or those who have attended View 125. 8 weeks.
  • Buddhist View 200: The six paramitas or transcendent attitudes and the Mahayana motivation – Love and compassion play a central role as we learn about non-harming, and dealing with the world in a practical and skillful manner with these timeless aspirations.  7 weeks.
  • Buddhist View 225: 7-Point Mind Training. This class explores the pith instructions of ancient masters that cover emptiness, how to develop equanimity, compassion and love. 8 weeks
  • Meditation 250: Tong-Len: Healing the world with every breath. 7-point mind training and practice. 4 weeks
  • Meditation 275: Revisiting the techniques of walking, lying and sitting meditation with introduction of vase breathing. 4 weeks
  • Buddhist View 300: Progressive insight into emptiness. This covers the tenet system developed at Buddhism’s peak in ancient India. Sauntrika, Chittimatra, Madyamika-Svantrika, Madyamika-Prasangika. Schools. 8 weeks
  • Buddhist View 325: Developing deep understanding of interdependence: Nagarjuna, Chandrikirti, Tsong Khappa. – selected verses. 4 weeks
  • Meditation 350: Vipassana meditation: Insight to emptiness. 8 weeks
  • Meditations 375: Songs of Khenpo Tsultrim Gymatso. 4 weeks
  • Buddhist View 400: Science of mind and mental factors
  • Buddhist View 425: Rangtong & Shentong schools of Buddha Nature. 4 weeks
  • Meditation 450: Mahamudra. 8 weeks (Thrangu Rinpoche lineage)
  • Meditation 475: Dzogchen. (Alan Wallace lineage)



4 Responses to Class curriculum

  1. Sandy H says:

    Please share when your next ■Buddhist View 025 class is scheduled.

  2. Britney says:

    When will Buddhist view 025 or Meditation 050 be offered? I am wanting to go to the book study this Sunday (Dec 6th). Do I have to take one of these classes prior to going?

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